In this section we will be answering some of the most common questions that people ask us. If you have any other queries, please use our Freephone number or contact page to get in touch.

What does the system cover?

The Safety You Trust system provides policies, procedures and templates to deal with all aspects of business for a Housing Association (or more formally Registered Social Landlords). You can take a look at some of the topics in the system in this list. We also offer a free demonstration mode so you can see how you can edit these.

Who is this for?

The Safety You Trust system is for Registered Social Landlords. It provides customisable policies which senior staff can adjust, while also allowing read only access for other staff. It is not intended for tenants/service users.

I'm not a Housing Association, can I use it?

Whilst we do not prevent other users from signing up, you should be aware that we are dedicated to the housing sector and our content is generated specifically with that in mind. In the future we may release sister systems to cover other market areas. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in other sectors.

I belong to a group of Housing Associations, can we share?

No. Each user is going to be slightly different, each organisation will want to personalise their policies. However, we do have preferential rates for groups and affiliations. This is to help smaller Housing Associations that share resources all benefit from our system. If you think this category applies to you then please use our contact page to get it touch.

What does it cost?

The Safety You Trust system is subscription based, it is a monthly charge. The length of the membership that you sign up for will define how much each payment is. See our subscription page for details.