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Why Do RSL’s Need H&S Compliance?

Corporate Governance and, in particular Health, Safety & Welfare (HS&W) Management, is becoming an ever more important part of running a RSL in the current climate of litigation, compliance and standards. The range of Health & Safety legislation and ‘good practice’ with which employers must comply is extensive and complex and the penalties for H&S failures can also be significant, including fines for organisations and custodial sentences for individual Directors and Managers.

All organisations must now have in place, and be able to demonstrate, adequate arrangements for HS&W Management for legal compliance, insurance purposes, HSE/Local Authority inspections, supplier management, Regulatory audits, defences against claims and, of course, to protect their employees from the risk of accidents and ill-health.

Indeed, it is now an essential part of the supply chain to provide evidence of an acceptable Management System and to expect the same from suppliers and contractors.

What is the Level of Compliance RSL’s Need?

It is no longer adequate to simply have a basic H&S Policy and some generic risk assessments – employers must now be able to demonstrate they have implemented a proper Management System, comprising three principal elements:

How do You Achieve This Compliance?

Traditionally, there were 2 main ways of achieving legal compliance and of being able to demonstrate you had adequate documented evidence:


Main Challenge

1 Develop your systems in-house

Time consuming and requires various types of ‘competencies’ and professional staff

2 Buy in a consultant to help

Expense and risk of lack of ‘ownership’ of systems

SYT Credibility

SYT has been established by the senior management team of Risk Management Consultants ACS Physical Risk Control Limited, who include a former Branch President of IOSH and member of the IOSH Professional Affairs Committee.

From over 35 years of providing the highest level of H&S consultancy, we have developed a full HS&W Management System for the RSL sector, complete with sector specific policies and procedures and easy to use templates for risk assessments, checks and record keeping. Our unrivalled experience within the RSL sector has included acting as Health & Safety consultants for some 200 RSL’s for the past 20 years, which has seen our management systems being approved by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and recognised as the industry standard by the Regulator.

The SYT system allows you to obtain HS&W arrangements and documentation of a high end professional standard at a fraction of the professional fees. It includes a Control Manual based on OHSAS18001, the only Occupational Health & Safety Management Standard which enjoys international recognition and allows external verification / accreditation.

Using the SYT System to Achieve and Maintain Compliance

It is always important to remember that legal compliance is defined by your actions, not merely your documentation. However, it is clearly impossible to achieve legal compliance without the appropriate policies, procedures, risk assessments and training.

The SYT compliance system gives you the full range of material you will require which, if properly implemented, should provide you with a demonstrably compliant HS&W management system.

There will always remain some specific areas of safety management which may require the use of an external consultant with specific competencies (e.g. asbestos surveys, legionella risk assessment, etc.). However, the SYT system clearly identifies an appropriate policy, procedures and course of action for all such relevant areas of HS&W Management.

Ethos of the SYT System

We recognise that most RSL’s will not directly employ a full-time qualified H&S Practitioner and this system has been designed for implementation and use by the normal compliment of RSL Management staff and employees.

Properly used, the system should allow you to implement a comprehensive system to define roles and responsibilities throughout your organisation, put in place the full range of health, safety and welfare related arrangements and to carry out the risk assessments, inspections and checks required under current legislation.

Professional and Technical Support

To assist you in the implementation of the system and to answer any technical queries you or your staff may have going forward, SYT provides a technical support helpline, staffed by qualified and experienced H&S Professionals with specific expertise in the RSL sector.

You will also receive a range of HS&W briefings and ‘updates’ to the policies and procedures ahead of new legislation or standards to ensure you remain completely up to date with your legal duties.

Key Roles for People within your Organisation

The SYT system is based around a HS&W Control Manual, which defines your organisation’s policies, procedures and arrangements. We also provide a range of templates (e.g. risk assessments and record keeping sheets) which refer to the relevant sections of the Manual to make your tasks easier.

Nonetheless, the implementation of the full system should be expected to take some time and will require personnel throughout your organisation to become involved.

Key roles will, of course, lie with the Chief Executive and a Director or Senior Manager who should be appointed as being ‘responsible for HS&W’. These senior personnel would be expected to drive forward the implementation work

The Manual also suggests the introduction of a HS&W Committee, who can be used to work through the Manual and appoint the best people to carry out certain defined tasks.

Whilst these roles are quite typical of any HS&W system across businesses and organisations in the UK, the Manual also introduces a more unusual concept of a ‘HS&W Administrator’ (HSA). The HSA’s principal role is to provide an administrative support function to all personnel with defined HS&W responsibilities. This role is fully defined within the Control Manual.

Contents and Structure of the SYT System

Clear navigation and alerts make adopting the system easy

From their Dashboard SYT users can
easily find the information they need

Once subscribed users may log into the system and access their "Dashboard". From this single page it is easy to identify what alerts and tasks require attention and to move quickly to different parts of the system. SYT users are given two sets of login details upon subscription, one which allows the administration and customisation of the material and one which is for general access. This is so that any employee may make full use of the material without the worry of them accidentally editing an important document. The amendments of the documents are automatically tracked and stored and a draft editing mode can be used for periods when the documents are in the process of being updated, such as during review by committees.

Getting Started

The ultimate aim of the SYT system is for your organisation to work through the Control Manual and to carry out the actions stipulated (e.g. carrying out risk assessments, training staff, undertaking inspections, etc.) in a logical fashion. However, we appreciate that this may appear a daunting task at first and we suggest a step by step process in the full version of this user manual, available inform the "Dashboard".

Please note that the Manual has been designed to allow you to ‘tailor’ specific sections of policy within each Section, thus allowing you to personalise the policies and procedures and to amend the Manual to better suit your own culture and ideas.

Going Forward

It is not our intention that you or your staff memorise the Control Manual, rather that proper implementation of the policies and procedures contained should develop a ‘culture’ of effective HS&W Management. Also, personnel with specific responsibilities (e.g. Management employees, HSA, etc.) will become familiar with the information contained within the Manual that affects their job roles. This will allow reference to be made to the Manual in the event of an incident or where specific tasks are required to be carried out (e.g. a blood spill or the need for risk assessment).

Record Keeping

You will see that a degree of record keeping will be required (e.g. legislation requires you to hold records of risk assessments, inspections, etc.) and the SYT system includes a range of cross-referenced templates to allow downloading and completion in your own time. The system will soon allow for you to keep all such records in paper or electronic format and either on your SYT webspace or in your own office filing system, with a reference held online from the tool that generated it.

Other Questions

It is our hope that this helps provide a clear, honest and technical breakdown of the benefits and approach of the Safety You Trust system. If you have any questions which are not covered in our FAQ section then please get in contact with us, on the Freephone number (0800 055 6899), by mailing info@safetyyoutrust.com or by using our Contact page.

We want you to feel as confident about joining the SYT service as you will feel safe when you are using it. So if you have any queries at  all, please get in touch.